Synopsis and cast list

Wolverhampton 1969: a local dispute hits the headlines in Britain (and India) as Sikh bus drivers fight for the right to wear their turbans and beards at work.

As the struggle reaches its climax, we follow the action and the issues behind it as seen from the bus company canteen …

Himmat (Courage) is the latest in my series of short plays: Wolverhampton: the Histories.

It’s my first Wolverhampton play to explore the twentieth century and the first where I’ve put the experiences of minority ethnic people, in this case Wolverhampton’s important Sikh community, in the spotlight. I want to thank everyone who attended the performances but in particular the many people of South Asian origin who gave me such great audiences.

I’d also like, once more, to thank Eshmit Kaur without whose support Himmat just could not have happened.

Cast / credits

Anil Bharhat                           Satvinder

Ram Gupta                              Jasvinder

Eshmit Kaur                            Rani

Rian Pearl                             Surjit

Calum Ralph                            Bill / Mr Smith

Diljohn Sidhu                          Charanjeet / Hardeep

Eshmit Kaur			       Director

Jefny Ashcroft			       Writer / Producer